Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today, A Poem...About Sex (Mostly SFW)

But first, I shall indulge in a little history lesson.

It turns out, I can only write poetry when I'm not happy. This means, that typically while I'm dating someone, I will have no inspiration, and no poems will leak from my pen (or computer keyboard, as the case may be). 'Tis an ironically sad / happy time that leaves me mostly confused.

This poem came during a time when I had been single for about a year, and the lonely bug had hit me pretty hard. I'd had a couple of *ahem* relations with a couple of guys, and was really feeling kinda guilty about it for a while. Then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that my guilt wanted to be released, in some way or another. Could it be *gasp* inspiration? Turns out, it wasn't. Just gas. Oops.

A couple of days later, I was using, and I came across something that had to do with the Seven Deadly Sins (it's right here. Her works are absolutely amazing, but the Sins series is by far her best work). Now this got me thinking, and words actually made sense when I wrote them down this time! It took about 2 months before I actually finished it and polished it up (actually took getting turned down by another guy before I actually finished it).

So, without further ado, here it is!

7th Sin

Give me your seventh sin
Take your pleasure, breathe it in
Bring me fire in rampant rush
Let me taste a hint of lust
Engorge ourselves with human need
Indulge in luscious gluttony
Let’s lose ourselves in heat of passion
D*mn consequences of our actions!
Not love, but lust is all I ask
Demand from you this simple task
Someone to f*ck, to bang, to screw!
The only target near is you
You have just what I know I need
So I’ll embrace my wanton greed
I’ll play straight to your vanity
On hands and knees I’ll beg and plead
Excitement mixed with hints of wrath
That I must go along this path
When it ends, start feeling lost
I cannot move, I’m filled with sloth
Envy lies deep in my eyes
For I am only second prize
Daylight comes filled with regret
Am I so easy to forget?

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