Tuesday, April 5, 2011

HvZ 2011: Day 1

MONDAY (intro here):

My outfit was all prepared last night: If Lara Croft ever entered the Matrix, and the only weapons were Nerf guns, I imagine her outfit would have looked similar to mine. I was feeling pretty good about this semester's battle. I was duel wielding two semi-automatic Nerf (well, Buzz Bee, but who's keeping track) guns, my sock bombs were prepared, my bandanna was wrapped around my arm and my duct tape was clearly marking that I was a human member of the resistance. I got up extra early so I wouldn't be ganked on the way to class.

I caught the bus and got to my first class without incident. My Chinese teacher took one of my guns and tried to shoot a student with it, but fortunately missed. He seemed very surprised when the dart hit the back wall of the classroom and stuck there (at least 30 feet). He quickly returned my gun. I had to get the wayward ammo myself.

After class, I had a "civilian" friend of mine as an escort so I could get a good heads up on any zombie sightings. We decided to building hop, because the building we were heading to is a zombie hotbed. Along the way, we ran into one of my roommates who was also building hopping, and happened to be heading in the same direction as us (she was a human as well; this is the girl who got attacked on the way to the rendezvous point last semester).

We somehow made it to the SLC (Student Learning Center, our final destination for a while). My civilian friend quickly went home so he could register to play with us, because he had so much fun running escort duty. My roommate (Allie) and I met up with our other roommate (Wayne), who happened to be a zombie (we were fortunately in a safe zone, so he couldn't turn us). As we were waiting for him, a pack (herd?) of zombies walked by, taunting Allie and I. Their threats didn't scare us while we were inside.

 Fortunately, the rest of my afternoon was spent in the same building (I have two classes there, and I typically spend my spare time on Mondays in the building anyway, so I was safe for several hours thanks to my normal schedule). Finally, after an eternity of classes and waiting, it was time to venture out into the dangerous wilds of zombie-horde-land. I gave my civilian-turned-compatriot (Josh) my spare gun, and we decided to run an escort mission for this little Freshman boy who was clearly new to the whole game, but really needed to get to class. We start walking and sneaking around, only to be spotted by a pack of zombies.

We make a run for it into a nearby parking deck. The boys got further ahead of me because I decided to play a sneaking game instead of full-on running. There were only two zombies chasing us at the time, and I managed to stun both of them and temporarily escape. My hunting buddies escaped with their lives, and the stunned zombies called for backup on their walkie talkies. I ran around the corner, only to find 4 more zombies. My back was to the wall. I managed to stun another one, but I was cornered, and was turned before I could stun anymore. I'm proud of my turning though. I managed to save my friend and the noob, and I took out half of the zombie posse surrounding me (all of whom were guys, btw), and went down in a blaze of glory.

I tried to hunt after that, but didn't see any more humans for the rest of the day. I rendezvoused with my friend in a neutral zone, and gave him my other gun (I didn't need it anymore). We have a gentleman's agreement: he won't shoot me with my own guns, and I promise to count to ten and not pay attention to which direction he's going when he runs away from me. Allie managed to survive today, and Wayne and I are plotting (well, Wayne's trying, at any rate)...

So that's all from me today. Sorry if the grammar and coherence of this post aren't the best...I did turn into a zombie today. So, until tomorrow....


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  1. Thank you for spelling duct tape correctly. Despite being a zombie.