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HvZ 2011: Day 5

FRIDAY (Links to the rest here):

Well, today was the final day of Humans vs. Zombies for the semester. It was a bittersweet morning. I put my zombie makeup on, I braided my pigtails, and I put on my fingerless gloves. I tied my bandanna around my head for the last time. Finally, I was ready for school.

My zombie-related day didn't really begin until after my first class ended. Josh and I walked over to the primary zombie hunting ground and got some breakfast (out-of-game breakfast, that is, not any delicious brains). As we were eating and working on homework, I see a guy with a Nerf gun walking around. It was a little suspicious to me that he wasn't looking behind his back paranoidly (is that even a word? Oh well, it is now), but the gun was all the evidence I needed. I successfully executed a sneak attack, and then I realized that he didn't have an armband on, nor a headband. The guy then tells me that not only is he not playing, he's just trying to sell his gun to the highest bidding human. I was a little miffed, because he could get us in trouble if the cops saw him, but I couldn't really do anything about it. Disappointed, I went to my next class.

After the class that lasted 25 years longer than it should have, I went back outside and joined up with a miniature horde. We gave chase to a couple of humans, but they both made it inside before any of us could get them. Then there was one human who hunted us. He managed to pick us all off before we could turn him, and then his reinforcements arrived. We talked about the final mission, and we agreed that in this instance, so long as we didn't try and chase them, we could be unstunned as soon as they were out of sight. It seemed reasonable, so we agreed.

Finally, we saw one human above us on the walkway between the SLC and Tate. He drew both of his weapons and challenged us, as if it was his final stand. It seemed like he wanted to die. We decided to oblige him. Most of the zombies went up to fight him, but I stayed downstairs, just in case he survived and decided to run for it. Turns out my foresight was wasted. I walked up the stairs to see a freshly turned zombie putting away his guns. We all remained up there, keeping a lookout for humans, but they remained elusive. Finally, I had to go to class again (the downside of going to school :p).

After the longest class in the history of ever, I decided to solo to Boyfriend's office. I didn't see any humans along the way. Nor did I find my boyfriend. I waited around for a while, but after a lack of response, I headed back up campus to the primary hunting ground. As I walked, I ran into 8 humans who were armed to the teeth with Nerf and other various forms of weaponry. I was a lone zombie armed with only my hands. I decided to play smart. I pulled my bandanna into the stunned position (getting shot with 50 different darts in about 5 seconds didn't sound like much fun) in order to call a temporary truce. We taunted each other about the final mission that night, but we all survived without a single shot being fired.

I arrived to the middle of campus to find nobody around. Not even a civilian. By that point, Boyfriend finally got in contact with me, and I decided to wait until the final mission at his place. I walked all the way back to where I just was. I saw a lot of darts, but no humans. Finally, I met up with Boyfriend at around 5, and we went back to his place and watched some Doctor Who.

7 o'clock refused to arrive for the longest time. Finally, the time arrived. I drove back to my normal parking lot (the final mission took place at the edge of campus, so my parking spot was useful for once). I arrived at the top of the parking deck, only to see about 20 humans all doing target practice with very big guns. Fortunately, there was a ceasefire enacted so everyone could meet up without fear of being turned (though we did tag a bunch of humans anyway, just to watch them freak out before they remembered about the ceasefire. It was lulzy). Then we waited for the mission to begin.

We ended up waiting there for over an hour. We passed the time getting to know our enemies and compatriots. At one point, one of the humans (who was duel-wielding two identical guns) and I reenacted the killing scene from The Boondock Saints on another zombie. He was less than pleased to be shot in the back of the head by two close-range darts. Finally, it was mission time.

The humans' objective was to collect two out of three pieces of DNA (red blinking flashlights) from the woods and bring them back to the "lab" (the top of the parking deck). Our objective, naturally, was BRRAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIINS. The zombies were given spawn points. These points were two people, and the timer for respawn was set by the first person who arrived at the spawn point. Anybody who joined the spawn point after that was part of that spawn group, and got to go back as soon as the timer ran out for the first person (much better than the 15 minute wait time that the rest of the week had).

The zombies were led into the woods, shown the location of each piece of DNA, and were told to hide. I was part of a group that was camping the third piece of DNA. We found good hiding places, and we waited. And waited. And waited. We heard no signs of any activity whatsoever. No screams for backup, no screams for brains, nothing. It was disconcerting. Finally we heard the sounds of a walkie talkie. A mod came to us, and said that the police were called to the parking deck and were doing a crime scene sweep, so we weren't allowed to use it anymore. The final destination was moved to a field much closer to the DNA location, and we became DNA number one instead of three. We were the first line of defense. We were screwed.

Finally, after everything was re-set up, the game began. The humans' strategy became apparent right away: they all had LED lights strapped to their heads, and they all moved as one. The bright light blinded us, and they bombarded us with darts. The first DNA didn't stand a chance. Fortunately, we managed to turn a couple of them, and we Zerg rushed them back to the main bridge (did I mention that there was a lake?). The first DNA was lost to the humans. The new strategy was "keep the humans on the bridge and make them run out of ammo". Most of the zombies just rushed the humans, got stunned, ran to the spawn points, ran back, got stunned, etc. There were only a few zombies left to protect the other two DNA pieces.

It was only a matter of time before a human decided to take the water route. One brave human decided to go knee deep into the water and attempt to recover one of the DNAs. Fortunately, we had a zombie willing to go the extra mile as well, and he went underwater trying to sneak attack him. Unfortunately, that zombie was our spawn point zombie. I took up the flashlight in his absence and watched in total amusement as these two constantly played a game of sneak attack, stun, respawn, sneak attack, etc. He finally got the DNA, but he also finally got turned into a zombie as well, so that entire fight was all for naught on the human's part.

After that, I was relieved from Spawn Point duty, and I went back to the Zerg rush team. We were slowly dwindling down their numbers, but it was mostly a standstill. Finally, we were all called back to the final destination. Both humans and zombies were confused about the instruction, but we all headed to the field. It turned out that the ROTC was doing an exercise in the woods, and they kicked us out. So for the second time that night, we had to improvise the mission.

The final mission involved the zombies at one end of the field, and the humans at the other. The humans had to get the DNA piece past the line of zombies to the human behind us. There were probably over 100 humans left, and there were only 20 zombies (most of the zombies left because they thought the mission was over when we got called from the woods). We had no chance. The humans didn't even have to try to get the DNA over to the end point. The humans let out a loud cheer because they saved the human race. We all cried braaaaains because we were now going to starve to death.

The final mission ended at 11:30. The zombies ran around for almost 3 hours, trying to prevent the humans from succeeding. Needless to say, we were all completely exhausted. Most of us were all scratched up, myself included. I found Allie and Wayne after the mission. Turns out, Wayne successfully turned Allie just before the end of the mission. Allie was not happy.

I went back to Boyfriend's completely exhausted and covered in red clay. I took a shower and passed out. It was a great final mission, and I really wish I could play again. I know this is only going to get bigger as time goes on, until it becomes a school tradition (either that, or someone's going to ruin it for everyone). I was really glad to be a part of it for the short time I could.

My horde from Wednesday doing the Thriller with the Scout Trooper.
Thanks for reading these posts! Hopefully the superblog will be up soon! Later!

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